Everyday Savings

Save on Everyday Items

Do you want to save money on your groceries, clothing, personal care and household products? Here are a few things you can do!

Have you signed up for deals and rewards at your favorite grocery store? We have a Safeway close to us and I clip coupons on their app before I go shopping and then enter my reward number/phone number during check out. Not only am I saving with coupons, but with each purchase, I’m racking up reward dollars that can save me even more money during my next visit. To date, I have saved $1,800 with their reward program!

Do you make a lot of your purchases online? The best tip is to use Honey, a free add on extension for your browser. Use it when using your computer or mobile device for purchases. I have a recent blog post about the value of Honey that can be found here.

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