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I love following people on Instagram and TikTok – especially beauty influencers. I’m entertained, learn some things along the way, and I BUY many things that influencers recommend like skin care products, make-up and more. With my kids now in college, I find that I have more time to spend on self care and have been exploring new products! Below are the products that I tried, loved, would buy again, and highly recommend.

Beauty Products

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love the Aira Vanity Planet face steamer. I love how my skin feels afteruntitled-design-40 using it and I really feel like it has made a difference in hydrating my skin. It’s also very relaxing!  It comes with three inserts that can be used for essential oils. I have added Young Living Orange, Rosemary, and Frankincense oils a few times and love it. I would recommend this product and brand.   

Another product I have fallenUntitled design (43) in love with is the Dime Beauty Eyelash Boost Serum.  I use it every night before bed and noticed a significant difference in my lash length within about 4 weeks of use.  It is much less ($40) than other brands ($150) on the market and works extremely well. Next, I’m planning to try their brow serum, as well. 

Before vacations and special occasions, I have been using the tanningSt. Tropez x Ashley Graham Limited Edition Ultimate Glow Kit and I’m so impressed.  It comes with a glove and I highly recommend using this to protect your hands from staining.  It’s still important to thoroughly wash your hands after application even if you use the glove. I put it on right before bed and sleep (won’t stain sheets) with the tanning product on – showering in the morning. You’ll notice some coloring come off in the shower, but I promise, you will be tan. My tan lasted about a week using this product. 

A product I was pleasantly surprised by was the Lumineux Whiteninguntitled-design-42 strips and toothpaste. I wasn’t a fan of the sample I received of the mouth rinse, but the other products are impressive. They really work if you follow the instructions and my teeth didn’t hurt -which is big! The only downside (which is also a plus), is the strips are very thin and fragile. I have ruined a couple of strips just because I ended up accidentally folding the strip when applying it. This product is also now available at Target (shipping only at my store). 

One of my favorite product that I ordered based on recommendations frompebble beach several influencers is Navy Hair Care Products. Their products aren’t sold in stores and can be ordered on their website. I have been using their Search and Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner, Swell Styling & Thickening Cream, Pebble Beach Texture Spray, and Skipper, Flexible Volumizing Hair Spray.  I have fine, thin hair and the Navy products don’t weigh my hair down. The most amazing of the products I have been using is the Pebble Beach Texture Spray. I love using this product to add volume after I use my BrushX and any other styling tool.   

brushxThis blow dry/brush combo from BrushX was a “Merry Christmas to me” gift. I haven’t owned a tool like this before and was influenced to buy from someone that has very, very thick hair, so I wasn’t sure how it would work for me. When my stylist would blow dry my hair at the salon using a round brush, I always liked how much volume I would have leaving my appointment. This product didn’t disappoint. It doesn’t get too hot, dries my hair quickly, and it’s truly like a warm scalp massage! 

The next product that I purchased based on Influencer recommendation is BillieUntitled design (48), the razor subscription service. Billie spends a lot of money on Affiliate/Influencer Marketing – so I’m sure this isn’t the first time you have heard about Billie razors if you spend any time on Instagram.  I was in the market for a new razor when I saw a few ads for Billie and decided to try it. My whole family uses the razors now – they really are that good and the subscription part is very flexible. I haven’t triggered an order that I didn’t need and have pushed out an upcoming order before, too (they let you know when it’s time, and you can push out if need be. I like their shaving cream, too.  The razors are also reasonably priced. Hit up my link and give them a try.