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Products for Your Home

I love following people on Instagram and TikTok and am obsessed with new products for my home including décor, cleaning products, and more. It’s fun to learn some tips from others and learn about cool new products along the way. I’ve tested them out and now it’s my turn to influence you! Below are the products that I tried, loved, would buy again, and highly recommend.

Products For Your Home

A couple of years ago I joined a Facebook group called Nesting with Grace and not only received great home décor/design advice, but also was introduced to essential oils and Young Living (YL) products. I learned about diffusing oils instead of lighting candles (toxic) and safe cleaning products. I ordered my “starter kit” with aUntitled design (49) referral code from an Influencer, in which I became a ‘member’. I tried many of their products over the next year including make-up, laundry soap. dish soap, bar soap, toothpaste, and more. I have diffusers in a few rooms around the house and use them daily. I have a combination of YL and Plant Therapy (you can order directly, no membership required) oils in our home. The main product I continue to purchase from Young Living is their Thieves Cleaner. This is truly the best cleaner (my immediate family all uses it!) and so reasonable since it’s sold as a concentrate. Although I’m not a “Brand Partner” with Young Living, if you are interested in getting started using oil or cleaning products, I’d love to provide my referral code.

Many Influencers I follow talk a lot aboutUntitled design (51) using a silk pillowcase for better hair, skin, and overall health.  Several recommend the Silk brand, but I wasn’t ready to invest in a $100 pillowcase – maybe ever!  Others said those found on Amazon (for much less), the Zimasilk brand, were just as good.  I have used mine for about 6 months now and I really like it. It’s soft and cooling – I highly recommend getting one, if you don’t have one already.